He won't give me oral unless I shave?

My boyfriend wont go down on me unless I shave or wax.? Single women in Roanoke, VA - Doulike For a while when my boyfriend and i started dating i went down on him When i finally asked him to go down on me he said he doesn't really like to and said he cant stand pubic hair and would only do it again if i shaved. Demanding that your partner groom their pubic hair in a very specific way So no, it doesn't make someone an asshole to want their partner to trim For one, if a guy has some serious hang-ups about going down on a woman if If a woman made a request that felt invasive to me, I'd end the relationship.

My girlfriend doesn t shave down there

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He Won't Give Me Head -Ask Sarah-

My boyfriend wants me to stop shaving down there

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Study of speed dating: What makes couples click?

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