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[PHOTOS] Police arrest alleged Badoo cult’s herbalist

Check out the photos of the suspected Badoo cult group member arrested in Ikorodu Never fart in the car with the windows rolled up....

Badoo Cult: Police in Nigeria Arrest “Killer Cult Group”. Photo of Chief Herbalist in his shrine, courtesy Nigeria Newsdesk, Twitter. a killer cult group known as badoo, began terrorizing and murdering citizens in the Ikorodu area of Lagos. Lagos police arrested five suspected key members of the sect on. Highlights Of The Article Untold story of arrested Badoo suspects Drink Water Used To Bath Dead Bodies During Rituals of terror of killer cult group known as badoo in Ikorodu area of Lagos, The entire members of several families were also wiped out by .. Checkout these hot section on NL.

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Badoo Ikorodu: Lagos Police Command uncovers Badoo Cult Shrine in ikorodu - Pulse TV

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Police arrest 87 suspected members of Badoo cult group

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