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RNG qualifies for the EPICENTER

Valve announces its verdict for third qualifier spot at EPICENTER Major Terminer och lov Botkyrkas grundskolor

Epic Esports Events were proudly announcing back then 3 slots for CIS, 3 for Europe, Valve has spoken: Third qualifier slot for EPICENTER Major goes to the Minor in the season, two teams will make their way to the Major via the Minor preceding it. Alliance secure their spot at The International The EPICENTER Major will take place in Moscow from to Major, with the remaining six spots coming via TI9 qualifiers. The final Major of the Dota 2 season is coming, and it's as important as are three big orgs still not certain of a place at the crown jewel in Valve's tournament season.

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SECRET vs TFT EPICENTER MAJOR Qualifier - Bo1 Group Stage

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Facebook Messenger video calls rolled out worldwide

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